Grassroots/Events Planning

Grassroots/Events Planning

In an age where the digital world has seemingly overloaded consumer’s today, we provide clients with a guerrilla-style marketing approach at the ground level. We help our clients integrate into the communities they serve with events and promotions large and small. MassMedia has the ability, experience and staff to develop and deliver grassroots campaigns of any size. We retain the expertise, infrastructure and experience to promote a client’s business by interacting customers face-to-face. Our core strengths lie in researching, identifying and executing campaigns through components such as street marketing and booth management at various touch points.

Planning, coordination and staffing of events



Vendor Coordination

Venue Selection


The most important connections that brands can make are community connections. Let our Grassroots/Events Planning team be your guide to getting your brand noticed as a community partner by reaching your target audience on their own turf.